From INTEREST to PASSION, it was the very path that developed and formed Steven Presley Productions. We started out in December 2014 as Steven Presley Photography with minimum services and to be honest a small vision and plan for the future. We offered only photography in whichever area needed by our family and it stopped there. 


In Fall of 2020 we revitalized our Mission and Purpose to better accompany the needs of our family. We strive to learn and understand the NEED. We dedicate and commit to providing a SOLUTION. Most importantly, we focus to bring SIMPLICITY to your every day digital media need.

Offering services not limited to Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, and more. We are excited to bring you peace in time of need!



I was born and raised in Miami, FL and later relocated to Birmingham, AL right before graduating high school.

My interest in media production started back when I was younger while working with the media equipment in church and ever since then my interest and expertise continued to grow. I stepped out on faith my freshman year in college to purchase my first set of photography equipment not having a goal or plan I just knew I wanted to take pictures.


Fast forward to now, I'm the owner of Steven Presley Productions where my main goal is to bring simplicity to every day life through digital media production.


When working with my clients I love to sit and talk with them for a few reasons. 1) I like to get to know who I'm working with. 2) I want to know their desires, wants, and needs. 3) I seek for the main goal/vision to bring to digital life. What I strive to deliver isn't just a service but more of an experience.

Sometimes all we need is someone to help us get the vision out and that's my purpose to SEE THE VISION THROUGH!

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